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Erotic Massage Chelsea

Authentic Erotic Massage in Chelsea

Are you interested in knowing what it is and in what the erotic massage consist? The world of the massages is very varied, but the erotic massages, those massages in which the masseuses offer the nude massage completely naked are the ones which is gaining more followers and higher popularity in the last few years. The erotic massage in Chelsea is a delight for the five senses of the person who receives the massage from our sensual masseuses.


Nude massage, a delight for the 5 senses

And it is that, the nude massage is synonym of maximum pleasure, excitation and enjoyment, but without sex, of course, as although the sensual masseuses will be completely naked, there will be no sex with the client, although the techniques of stimulation and massage used by the masseuses can produce on the man the feel the desire to ejaculate. The nude massage is such massage which allows the client to enjoy placidly of an erotic professional masseuses completely naked at your disposition.

Erotic massage in chelsea

Best Erotic Massage in Chelsea

The key in this type of erotic massages in Chelsea is to make the man discover new feelings, feelings which he has never felt before, as the erotic masseuses will coat both the body of the man and her own body in aromatic oils and she will slip on the body of the man, by producing a unique and exclusive feeling and maximum pleasure. Our naked masseuses can produce feelings that a conventional masseuse could not produce in the client, as it is about a massage that goes far beyond.


The most exciting erotic massage in Chelsea

The erotic massage in Chelsea is massage in which the beautiful masseuses completely naked, is currently the most exciting erotic massage in Chelsea South London. In this type of massages it is used especial oils which produce sublime and unique feelings capable of waking up the five senses of the man or woman who receives the massage.

The aim of these massages is not to excite to the client the main aim is to submerge him in an immense ocean of pleasure and relax through the use of techniques that only an the professional masseuses is capable of offering to the customer. This massage results rather attractive, as there are many agencies of erotic massage of high level which allow their clients participate in the massage itself.

As it obvious, the erotic massage practice in our center from Chelsea is completely naked during the massage and uses all her body to slip on the client and this adds an important touch of excitement during the massage that makes it unique and different to the rest of the massages. What is the best you can do? Without any doubt, you should try it and discover the deep and intense feelings that our masseuses is capable of providing you.

Tantric Massage Chelsea

Tantric Massage in Chelsea Treatment

It is the most requested type of tantric massage Chelsea and it is recommended to all men and women who are ready to enjoy the charming delights of some very special erotic sensations.

Is it just a euphoric drunkenness or an ecstatic fulfillment of the soul, We invite you to discover yourself the extraordinary complexity of this truly magical tantric massage in Chelsea.

All we can tell you is that on the background of a gentle music, the sounds are flowing in unison with the voluptuous movements of the masseuse.

Her experienced movements will cover your entire body with the heavenly touch of her hands, arms, thighs and breasts. Then the entire body of the masseuse will undulate on your entire body, like in an ecstatic dance.

Tantric Massage Chelsea

You’ll live a sensation of deep relaxation and intense and refined sensual awakening. You will feel as if the comforting sounds are coming out of her fingers and get into your body which is so thirsty of the desire to be touched.
Some clients prefer the tantric massage in Chelsea and ask for extra erotic massage which might last for hours. In this case the experience becomes extremely euphoric.

For those wanting even more intense sensations, we recommend four hands tantric massage session with two masseuses to get a double pleasure and magic.

After a tantric massage most of the massaged ones feel fulfilled, adored and very euphoric. Intense sensations of refined pleasure that were awakened may continue afterwards for several days and even weeks.

Chelsea is a residential area in South London with a luxury shopping center and loot of cafe shops and our massage location is in this area with a luxury private house.

You can choice from our massage gallery from the website one or more masseuse for your next tantric massage session in Chelsea.

Nuru Massage Chelsea

Get an authentic traditional Nuru Massage in Chelsea

Get ready for the excitement and exoticism of a real traditional nuru massage in Chelsea , because this month in 69 Massage in Chelsea we innovate in our massage menu including the authentic traditional nuru massage services. A Japanese slippery massage you can now receive in latex matters and with the original Numa nuru gel.

How Nuru Massage Treatment in Chelsea?

The nuru massage is a Japanese slippery massage done for centuries that the geisha used to practice. It is a body to body massage where the masseuse and the person receiving the massage are completely nude.
Feet, knees, legs and forearms, focusing on the most erogenous zones of the body, a nuru massage works all parts of the body . Stimulation and monitoring times are key factors to provide a progressive increase of pleasure in the nuru massage in Chelsea. Exciting erotic caresses our masseuses will increase a sense of endless pleasure as the climax approaches.

Nuru Massage Chelsea

Nuru Massage Matters

Massage between both lubricated bodies causes a extremely pleasure and excitement feelings because of the high interaction with the masseuses.
Before the massage we prepare the lighting, music and all the elements to create a close, intimate and relaxing atmosphere. We invite you to take a shower before and after the massage.

The original Nuru massage with Numa Nuru Gel

We will use in massage a special colorless and especially soft gel obtained from numa gel company completely harmless and moisturizing skin. Nori literally means slippery and that pretty well describes what this massage, a hydrated body dancing on your whole skin. And now your nuru massage in Chelsea session practice in matters of latex, softness and firmness for your body.
Originally, the nuru gel is placed in rigid panels or plates of rectangular shape and was formed by a fabric made of rice straw and reeds. According to Japanese medicine, this composition soothes the spirit and inspires gentle aroma of peace, relaxation and calm.
The latex is made from resin from the rubber tree Japanese stile, along with hardeners and antioxidants. The nuru massage matters from latex has a soft touch and offers fastening without deforming, which makes it an ideal support for nuru massage treatment in Chelsea.