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Specialist Expertise Erotic Massage

Specialist Expertise on Sexual Acts

There is a false impression that by means of being born male or girl we already recognize what to do in sex massage therapy.

If what you want is solely to disperse some sex massage tension or make babies, then putting it and obtaining an orgasm could be more than sufficient.

But we are not born with the know-how of the way you may make sexual acts best, how you could make it ultimate through your courting, the high-quality way to achieve great satisfaction and happiness in it, how you can understand what your sexual frame calls for for this, and what your partner could want to get there, the manner to convert it into something simply satisfied and valuable for your self and your partner.

sex massage

sex massage

Purely to be endowed with¬†erotic massage you will get the best organs isn’t always sufficient. Picture you want to run 25 yards. Do the way to do it? Yes, and you would do with out a difficulty. Now believe you need to be a grasp sportsman, or you you want to do a marathon for charity, otherwise you you need to workout by way of strolling. Will you know the way you may do it? You’ve got legs proper? So what on this planet is there to look at?

Needless to mention, heaps. The manner to create your exercise programmer, The manner to nourish your whole body correctly to preserve it, The exceptional manner to respire successfully, The manner to transport your legs nicely to maintain the velocity and keep away from damage, how long the relaxation periods ought to be, How to stretch prior to and after to keep yourself in suitable form, How to pick out the right footwear. Lots and plenty of stuff.

Do you apprehend them simply by the virtue of getting legs? Should you now not educate yourself you’ll either get hold of an damage, train inefficiently which would make you go through and you can probably in no way attain your dreams. This all would stem basically out of your lack of understanding. You could most possibly lease a coach due to the fact you apprehend the necessity for expert recommendation.

It is the exact identical in sex massage acts however we technique it with utmost disdain. Sex massage is extraordinarily complicated and complex, it takes vicinity on all ranges bodily, psychological, highbrow, spiritual. There are a high-quality wide variety of nuances and huge differences between men and women that must be reconciled.

The disillusionment that men and women come upon in intercourse honestly are a testimony to that. There is simply no reason you must believe which you have were given all this expertise from delivery. Pros are necessary, like in the whole lot else. They’re folks who commit their lives to gathering this comprehension to transmit it to different humans. Whilst you do your activity, they do theirs. Much like they’re now not experts for your discipline, you aren’t an professional in theirs.

You ought to well known this reality and now not be shy approximately in search of steering. There isn’t always a want to take it in my opinion, as if this can make you not so good as other folks. Teaching yourself greater isn’t an admission of the undeniable reality which you sincerely are terrible lover simply a popularity that stuff can be observed and subjects can get to be an awful lot better for all of us. It isn’t always like any others round you is a terrific lover and you’ll be worse than them. Most humans have heaps to find. At least you take place to be among st the ones who’s doing something about it in preference to fending off the truth.

There’s also an extra aspect to it teaching yourself and your accomplice from the right options is inadequate. Then you’ve got to teach your body. Your body has its very very own memory, its non-public dispositions. Just reading something does now not necessarily mean you could promptly sense those sensations or have your frame do each aspect efficiently. Your body carries masses of ingrained behaviors and entrenched patterns.

For example, you would possibly desire to relax further into enjoying pride but your frame is accustomed to chasing an climax immediately. When you learn how to dance simply listening to another character is not enough, you’ll then want to teach your body consciously to do the moves until it receives to be a nature to it. Yet once more, you will want an expert to get you thru the stairs. There are usually unique reasonable solutions to educating your body and professional guidance let you.

How to Be the Most Romantic Girlfriend Ever

How to Give The  Most Romantic Sensual Massage Ever

Boyfriends are one of the first-rate parts of being a female nothing beats having someone get candy and romantic sensual massage with you while you need it the most. Being in love is some thing we should all revel in and have a good time everyday. So here are the top 20 candy activities along with your boyfriend to keep the romance alive and kicking!

sensual massage

sensual massage

Cook him his favored meal and provide him a marvel visit at paintings, school or soccer practice.
Treat him to the arcade and play one on one.
Learn three guitar chords and make him a track.
Join him in his preferred Sports sport at least as soon as.
Kiss him when he least expects it.
Leave a be aware in his bag. Telling him how tons you’ll omit him.
Offer him an entire body to body sensual massage.
Invite him over to the rooftop and stargaze all night time.
Watch the sundown together.
Bring him to wherein you first met and then order the same thing.
Get inebriated together as a minimum once on your lifetime on a weekend.
Sing to him live in the front of his friends.
Send him a bouquet of flora for a trade!
Walk hand in hand with the aid of the beach, barefoot.
Spray your cologne on his preferred blouse.
Spray your cologne throughout his bed!
Don’t forget about to tell him how a great deal you adore him at the least once ordinary.
Get on boat journey collectively. Let him row. Bring an umbrella.
While looking a film in a theatre, whisper in his ear about your plans collectively later.
Always give him an extended, mingling kiss before parting approaches.
Do you want to make every unmarried day a romantic and extreme sensual massage every day for you and your boyfriend?

Thoughtful, Memorable Tantric Massage a Useful Gifts

Memorable Tantric Massage

Memorable Tantric Massage shirts and sweaters they do make beneficial presents, however they’re dull.

Here are a few amazing present ideas.

(In different phrases. How to make your lady friend/boyfriend love you forever.)

Gifts For Her

You cannot move a ways wrong with goodies and plants, but you may locate presents which can be even higher.

The trick to considerate, considerate, memorable gift giving is to offer a gift which entails a little bit of work to your part. When she sees your present and realizes the problem you went to only for her, she’ll be impressed. Let’s face it she may also genuinely be amazed to discover which you’re not the inconsiderate slob she idea you were.

Here are a few ideas for Memorable Tantric Massage.

1. This is SO simple, but she’ll adore it and you, for being so considerate.

Give her a digital picture body. But wait! That’s no longer the gift. Gather collectively a collection of your fine photos of the 2 of you collectively (fine romantic ones) and cargo them into the photograph frame. For future years, each time she appears at those pics, she’ll love you a little bit greater. You’ll keep triumphing points each day!

(An attractive image album will make a terrific gift, too. Remember to fill it with photos of the 2 of you collectively.)

What’s so convenient approximately this gift is that it would not rely if she already has 1/2 a dozen virtual image frames or photograph albums. It’s adding your own non-public contact that makes your present so memorable.

She’ll love the truth which you went to a touch little bit of trouble to make this gift so special.

2. Give a promise. For this thoughtful present idea of Memorable Tantric Massage, you’re restrained most effective by your imagination and by way of how well you recognize her.

Give her a pleasing card saying: The owner of this card is entitled to a full body tantric massage through and also you be the one who gives her the entire body tantric massage. That’s a present for two, proper?

You ought to promise “an afternoon of pampering tantric massage at parlour in London.

Or your card may want to promise a romantic night in. Candles, a putting for 2, and a meal cooked by using you.

3. What if you do not consider your very own cooking? That’s OK. In the U.S., you may get scrumptious gourmand meals introduced in your door. You can pick from various styles Parisian, Cajun, Fusion, and so forth., or even get special Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners. What a terrifi present.

4. Perfume is not very unique, but think of the benefits. It’s a wonderfully powerful present because (a) ladies love fragrance and (b) she’ll consider you on every occasion the scent you gave her wafts into her nostrils. Think how frequently that is! So ensure to be VERY careful to buy her favorite brand or one very comparable. Have a bit chat together with her fine pal or sister and ask for pointers.

5. Gift certificate. OK, I’ll admit that is a little bit boring, however a Gift Certificate is a very useful present because you may one hundred% guarantee that she will get hold of a gift she wishes because she’ll pick it. And it’s going to match.

6. Wine is a lovely present. Think about it. What goes with a pleasing bottle of wine? Answer: A at ease, memorable meal for two even as you sample your gift. And afterwards? Well, that’s up to you. If you feel in particular generous, supply her a Wine of the Month Club membership. Remember, gifts that keep on giving, preserve her deliberating you. (A wine membership membership can be an ideal present for a man, too, for all the same motives.)

Want to realize what other presents your female friend might also like to get hold of? You can listen to recommendations she drops as her birthday or Christmas techniques, but it’s going to probably be lots more useful if you have a bit chat together with her pleasant pal.

Memorable Tantric Massage Best Gifts For Him

Men are basically simple. They like gifts they can eat or drink. Here are some thoughts.

1. A Micro Beer of the Month Club membership. How should you probably go wrong with a present like this? He’ll think about you fondly each month while a new beer arrives to pattern.

2. Most guys love gadgets, too. Hugely popular right now could be the Flip Mino HD camcorder/video digicam. This tiny camcorder is wonderful narrow, brilliant sleek, weighs only three.Three oz and yet it will take one hour of great video. He can use the USB to plug it into his pc to recharge it, and join it by cable to the TV to watch the motion pictures on TV. Even if he hasn’t mentioned, he needs this! You will have fun together the use of it.

3. A Tantric Massage Experience. Here’s something he’ll keep in mind for the relaxation of his lifestyles and recollect the considerate individual who gave it to him. It’s an excellent, special tantric massage enjoy from. Experiences variety from ballooning, automobile racing, dune buggy rides and bungee leaping to extra sedate however nevertheless memorable reviews which include wine tasting or a gondola cruise, and a whole lot of different adventure stories. You also can select a tantric massage to experience you share together. Check it out. He’ll love this.

Memorable Tantric Massage

4. Times are more difficult, now, right? But you do not want handy over money. Giving money is thoughtful but someway misses the spot, does not it? Here’s something better. Give him an funding in one among America’s large groups. Think you can’t have the funds for that? Don’t worry focuses on promoting one proportion in each of loads of massive companies. This gift will stay a speak me point for years to come and he’s going to think about you on every occasion that massive corporation is in the news. If it makes him consider you, it is got to be a beneficial present!

5. Steak. A guy who would not drool over a luscious, soft steak is rare certainly. Make his favorite dinner and turn it right into a unique occasion by using candlelight. Sound too simple? Don’t be fooled. He’ll love this!

6. Lobsters added. Show him how tons you like him by means of ordering something truly special. With any good fortune, you’ll get to percentage the scrumptious meal. You can order gourmet meals from you task is to provide the candlelight and the romance.



3 Super Boomer Expert Dating Tips


With over 57 million Baby Boomer generation American women, and of those, almost half, 25 million, are single women. In their mid-40s to mid-60s year old Baby Boomer generation Women cohort, many of those women, are like myself, single again, either by the result of divorce or death of a spouse. For the group over 55 years old, a number of the Boomer single women have even been married more than one time, with multiple divorces or death of their husbands. Dating again now that you are divorced or a widow? With so many Boomer Women dating again after divorce or the death of spouse, is dating the second time round all about competition with your best girlfriends? Or are you hoping that you can you take a different approach?

With women dating younger men, aka Cougar Dating, and women dating multiple men before she decides which suitor is worthy of her heart, no longer are single Boomer women socially stuck waiting for men to make all the romantic relationship dating initiation decisions. Afterall, at this time in your life, when you want to date again, isn’t it about what do you want? No longer is wanting to have children and settle down a driving force for dating, coursthip, and marriage for you. As a matter of fact, many Boomer Women have careers and assets of their own. They are not 100% dependent financially on men for their lifestyle and livelihood. That translates into your dating life, too. That’s so freeing, isn’t it?

Single Boomer Woman Dating Tip #1: Do Surround Yourself With Romantic Beauty

It ‘s the 21st century and you have money of your own. No longer to you have to wait for Saturday night to roll around to see if your gentleman caller brings you roses. Instead, you are the captain of your own ship. Go ahead and while you are doing your weekly food shopping, purchase a bouquet of your favorite flowers for yourself. Take a look at the floral section. It is often quite close the entrance of the store. Look at the beautiful colors and shapes of the flowers. Inhale and smell their fragrant perfume. Which ones are calling to you to take them home and enjoy? Stores from the range of Costco to the neighborhood grocers all a variety of wonderful floral bouquets. In the 21st century, it is stylish to love yourself and give to yourself first. Embrace it! Because you’re worth it! When you surround yourself with romantic beauty, you feed your spirit and will find yourself smiling more and more, making you magnetically attractive to others for dates.

Single Boomer Woman Dating Tip #2: Do Practice Superb Self-Care

Whether is getting a weekly manicure and pedicure at the nail spa, giving yourself a manicure and pedicure, getting together with your best girlfriends to give each other nail treatments, give yourself the best care you can afford. You can even find great deals at the local beauty schools. you can often find them by doing a simple search online. While you are at, look into the fun splurge of getting a full body massage. There are so many massage studios now at strip malls that you can afford this formerly luxury spa resort only treat right near where you live. Your excellent grooming reflects your self-love and self-confidence. Studies demonstrate that men find confidence super attractive in women they want to date.

Single Boomer Woman Dating Tip #3: Do Immerse Your Life with Beautiful Sounds

Now that you are caring for your eyes and body, what about your ears and insides? Between all of the music downloads and everything which is free online, you can immerse your aural senses with beautiful, relaxing, and stimulating sounds. How do like the meditative and relaxing sounds of Tibetan bowls? Do you prefer crystal bowls or metal? Perhaps the string instrument trills of Vivaldi better fits to your taste? Do fill your home with beautiful sounds to feed and nurture your spirit. When you listen to marvelous sounds, it stimulates parts of your brain which words alone cannot, warding off Alzheimer’s. And the better you de-stress yourself and relax during the day, the more fully restful and rejuvenating your sleep at night, making your natural magnetic beauty shine and attract dates during the day.

As you practice these self-loving tips, your own personal magnetism will increase massively. You will radiate joyful health, vitality and attractiveness, making you irresistible to single men for your dating social life.


by April Braswell

Ataxia Telangiectasia – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment


Ataxia telangiectasia, which is a rare and inherited neuro-degenerative disease, is also known as A-T or Louis Bar Syndrome. Individuals affected with this disease exhibit characteristic symptoms, mainly loss of balance. A dysfunction of the cerebellum causes loss of coordination and involuntary movements. Telangiectasia is due to dilated capillaries which are visible in different parts of the body, especially the eyes. This disease also reduces immunity, increases susceptibility to infections – especially of the ears, sinuses and lungs – and also increases susceptibility to cancer. Affected individuals also display delayed milestones, early ageing, and feeding as well as swallowing problems. The presentation of symptoms usually starts occurring in early childhood. The modern management of this condition usually includes symptomatic treatment, special education and long-term supervision by experts from different health care fields.

Ayurvedic medicines which have a specific action on the brain and the central nervous system are used to treat ataxia. Medicines which have a soothing effect on the capillaries as well as blood vessels are used to treat telangiectasia. Immunomodulation is very important in affected individuals, and medicines which have a known specific action of boosting the immunity are used in high doses in the management of this condition. Medicines also need to be given to improve the metabolism of all the tissues in the body as well as to prevent breakdown of cells. Medicines which are known in Ayurveda as ‘Rasayanas’ are especially important in the management and prevention of delayed milestones and early ageing.

Symptomatic treatment needs to be given for infection of the ears, sinuses and lungs in addition to providing treatment to boost the specific immunity of the respiratory tract.

Herbal medicines useful in the treatment of ataxia include medicines like Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Haridra (Curcuma longa), Yashtimadhuk (Glycerrhiza glabra), and Bala (Sida cordifolia). Herbomineral medicines and combination-medicines useful in preserving and improving brain function include Bruhat Vat Chintamani, Vasant Kusumakar Ras, Brahmi Vati, Dashmoolarishta, Ashwagandhadi Churna, Pathyadi Qadha, Makardhwaj Vati, and Kamp Vatari Ras.

Medicines which are used to treat telangiectasia include herbs like Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia), Saariva (Hemidesmus indicus), Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia), Amalaki (Emblica officinalis) and Usheer (Vetiveria zizanoidis). Medicines used to improve immunity of the affected individuals as well as prevent early ageing include herbs like Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), Pippali (Piper longum), Chitrak (Plumbago zeylanica), Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa) and Kutki (Picrorrhiza kurroa).

Ayurvedic Panchkarma procedure like Shiro-Dhara, Nasya, and full body massage, followed by steam fomentation of medicated decoctions, may also be useful in the treatment of A-T; however, these should be used judiciously and cautiously, so as to provide benefit without aggravating the telangiectasia. Medicines like Nirgundi (Vitex negundo) and Dashmool (Ten herbal roots) are especially useful in these procedures.

The modern management of ataxia telangiectasia has enabled individuals affected with this condition to survive for more than 25 years. The supportive use of Ayurvedic herbal medicines can significantly treat symptoms, treat long-term complications, improve quality of life, and further increase the long-term survival of such patients. Ayurvedic herbal treatment thus has a definite role to play in the management of ataxia telangiectasia.


by Abdulmubeen Mundewadi

Enhancing Your Massage Experience


Having the right setting for a massage is half of the experience. When the temperature and lighting is to your taste and the comfort or the sheets and table is just right for your body type, it makes the massage experience that much more enjoyable. When the massage comes to you, either at your home office or hotel, you have the option to make it as enjoyable as possible for your massage experience. Having all the pieces in place for the best most relaxing and therapeutic massage as possible does take a little bit of thought and action.

The setting is what you are paying for at a very high class resort or spa. The ambiance the luxury the beauty of getting a world class body treatment experience one to remember. This can be an experience that you will remember for a lifetime. What makes this experience so memorable are a few key things. The mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the massage must be addressed in order to enhance the massage experience. Adding just a few simple subtle things to the environment will bring everything together in a harmonious and balanced massage.

Adding a flowing water aspect to the massage gives your mind a steady and consistent flow of therapeutic white noise that helps put the mind at ease. Adding a water fountain to the massage environment enhances the experience a tremendous amount with just a simple stream of water. Water is the same as our Chi or life energy it flows through us, adding a water -fountain brings the natural flow to you and the therapist allowing both of you to enjoy the experience more.

Aromatherapy and essential oils are another very subtle piece to enhance the massage. Using a essential oil aromatherapy diffuser adds a light but still noticeable scent to the environment. This gives off that spa scent when we smell nice soothing pleasant scents of essential oils it makes you feel like you are in a different space. Essential oils have been used for centuries for therapeutic services. When the oils are diffused into the air you breath them in and the positive effects are felt immediately.

Adding just a few extra things that are cost effective and easy to add enhance the massage experience tremendously. Bringing the extra spa indulgence to your home, brings the spa and all the service to you. Allowing you to enjoy the experience even more.

The calming and therapeutic effect of many of the good spas around the world, have been carefully thought through and organized in a way that each of your senses is given a positive experience. Allot of the nicer hotels also create the flowing and aromatic effect that many spas use to bring the people staying there moods up. It can be used at any time, creating the flowing water and positive smelling aroma into any space makes people feel better. Remember that just a simple push of a button can create a flowing sound of water or the positive aroma of essential oils, so use it as often as you need.


by Erik Jacobson

Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment of Acute Intermittent Porphyria (AIP)


Porphyria is a group of inherited disorders in which affected individuals have a deficiency of certain enzymes which convert chemicals known as porphyrins into heme. Heme is a protein substance which is present in almost all body tissues but is most commonly found in red blood cells, bone marrow, and liver. A faulty and incomplete conversion of porphyrins results in a buildup of these substances in the body and causes symptoms such as abdominal pain, constipation, vomiting, muscular pain, high blood pressure and an increased heart rate. Cutaneous manifestations of the disease result in itching and skin rash. Severe manifestations of this condition result in convulsions, confusion and hallucinations.

Acute intermittent porphyria can be precipitated by medications, fasting, smoking, infections, surgery, stress, menstrual hormones, and excessive use of alcohol or exposure to the sun. This results in intermittent and acute presentation of the above mentioned symptoms usually requiring hospitalization and intensive care. Such patients are treated using intravenous glucose to maintain adequate carbohydrate levels and achieve rehydration, A medication known as hematin, if available, is used to convert the excess porphyrins into heme, thus resulting in reduced symptoms. The buildup of porphyrins in the body can also be reduced by phlebotomy (removal of blood from a vein) and the use of activated charcoal which combine with porphyrins and help eliminate them from the body.

While patients can be managed conservatively in hospital for the acute presentation, there is no long-term cure for this condition. Ayurvedic treatment can be used safely and effective in the management of porphyria-like conditions. The presenting symptoms in affected individuals are interpreted in the light of Ayurvedic pathophysiology and treated accordingly. Most such symptoms correspond to the disease known in Ayurvedic terminology as Adhog (going downwards) Raktapitta, with symptoms predominantly caused due to a joint dysfunction of Vata and Pitta doshas. Ayurvedic treatment is therefore aimed at treating Vata dysfunction and reducing excessive Pitta. Mild herbal medicines which have a digestive and anti-spasmodic action are used in the stage of acute presentation of symptoms. Long term treatment includes the use of herbal medicines which have a Pitta-reducing and mild laxative action. Panchkarma procedures which include full body massage and light fomentation and basti (enema) using medicated oils are also highly effective in treating as well as preventing acute episodes of this disease.

Depending upon the presentation of symptoms, medicines also need to be given to treat and prevent damage to the liver, kidneys, as well as the nervous system. Ayurvedic herbal treatment needs to be taken regularly for periods ranging from six months to a year, depending upon the severity of the condition and associated complications. Once the patient achieves a complete remission of symptoms, medicines can be gradually tapered and then stopped altogether. The frequency of Panchkarma procedures can also be gradually reduced proportionately. Overall, most patients need to be monitored for a couple of years in order to prevent further attacks and/or relapses of the condition. Diet control is very important in preventing or aggravating attacks. Adequate modifications in lifestyle also need to be strictly implemented. All the known precipitating factors for this condition need to be avoided in order to prevent acute episodes and relapses. Ayurvedic herbal treatment, combined with preventive measures, can thus go a long way in successfully treating acute porphyria as well as managing the medical condition on a long-term basis.


by Abdulmubeen Mundewadi

10 Powerful Tips to Prevent Hair Loss


Do you see hair on your pillow each time you get up in the morning? If so, you have a hair loss problem. Below are some hair care tips that can help you prevent hair loss.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the most effective natural treatments for hair loss. By applying coconut oil on your head, you can improve your hair growth. The oil provides the required moisture and removes impurities.


Amla is rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants. So, this can treat a lot of health issues. You can prepare a solution by breaking an Amla or you can use Amla powder as well. You can also crush an Amla and mix its juice with 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. Then you can apply the mixture on your scalp. After it gets absorbed by your scalp, you can rinse your head with lukewarm water.


Since Eggs are rich in proteins and minerals, they are an ideal choice to treat hair loss. Mix one egg white with a teaspoon of fresh olive oil and then apply this mixture to your scalp. Let the mixture stay on your head for 15 minutes and then wash it with lukewarm water.


This ancient treatment procedure improves hair growth. Another acupressure technique known as Balayam enhances circulation and triggers hair growth. You can try this natural treatment to see if it works for you.

Yoga Asanas

Popular yoga asanas, such as anulomvilom and kapalbhati may also help in preventing the hair loss. According to experts, these asanas work by cleansing our system to reopen the pores and improve blood circulation.


For better hair growth, you may want to eat a better diet. You need protein for stimulating hair growth. Aside from this, foods, such as milk, cheese, beans, fish and grains should be part of your healthy diet.


The deficiency of iron in your body may cause hair loss. To provide your body with iron, you should eat dal, soybeans, spinach, chicken, red kidney beans, eggs, meat and fish, just to name a few.

Cover Your Head

Excessive exposure to heat, humidity, dust and pollution can cause hair loss. Therefore, you should cover your head when going outside in summer.


According to Dr Blossom Kochchar, if you have a hair loss problem, you should mix equal amount of sweet almond oil and castor oil and then massage your scalp with the solution. You can use a cotton ball to put it on your head.

Other hair care tips

You should not make it a habit to straighten your hair on a regular basis. Besides, you should avoid blow drying or coloring your hair every other day. This can help you prevent hair loss to a great extent.

So, if you are on the lookout of some effective natural treatments to prevent hair loss, you can try the 10 treatments we have explained above. These natural treatments can be done without any problem and you won’t need to worry about the side effects either.


by Satvik Mittal

25 Ways to Calm My Nerves


1. Take a 10-minute walk. This will help your body to relax and let off energy that may be leading to your anxiety.

2. Listen to some music or a relaxation CD. This will help distract you from thinking about your current stressors.

3. Stop obsessive thoughts. Keep busy as much as possible outside your home is even better to avoid getting bored.

4. Stop talking about your past. If you must, seek counseling for professional help. Soon after try to move on with your life and leave your past behind.

5. Breathe slowly. This will help you to relieve some of the tension you are experiencing within minutes.

6. Count to ten. This technique can help you to maintain focused and avoid saying or engaging into inappropriate behaviors you would later regret.

7. Use positive affirmations. Talking to yourself is always a useful self-care tool one can depend on anytime you want to avoid a nervous break down or losing control over your feelings.

8. Be gentle with yourself. Avoid putting yourself down or being negative, as this will only stress you out more.

9. Sleep or take a nap. Rest is important when it comes to taking care of one’s body. When you get tired you become irritable and stressed, which may lead to health problems.

10. Talk to a friend or family. Sharing one’s stressors with people you can trust helps to relieve tension and may lead to you finding a solution.

11. Avoid caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant and may lead to increased anxiety.

12. Get a body massage-This is good for muscle tension. Your muscles may be tensed which leads to more stress.

13. Time management- Prioritize and use your time wisely. Do what you can with the time you have in the order of importance and continue when you can.

14. Avoid being in a rush. It is a bad habit that can lead one to have anxiety problems in the future. It is also an unnecessary stressor one can avoid.

15. Stop working so hard. You should always try to balance out your life when it comes to your family and work. Too much work can lead to serious health problems and not enough personal time can lead to relationship problems and severe emotional problems including anxiety and depression.

16. Ask for assistance. It can be helpful to receive support and/or get advice from family and friends during a difficult and stressful time.

17. Do something fun. Fun is always good for stress and life in general.

18. Live today and plan for tomorrow. Take it one day at a time to avoid overloading yourself with too many worries and /or planning that can wait for another day.

19. Write in a journal. Share what’s on your mind and the feelings you may have to help get them off your chest.

20. Laugh or smile more. This is a relaxing thing to do and helps one to maintain a good mood and positive attitude. Watch a funny show, movie or go to a comedy club near you.

21. Choose your battles wisely. Learn to ignore or let go of the small stuff. (e.g. losing money, items, forgetting things, problematic people etc.) If it is not worth your time and can be ignored, do it and do not look back.

22. Clean your house. Cleaning and organization can be very good for stress and comfort. It will also help you to keep busy and keep up with your home.

23. Be optimistic. Stop being negative, as this is very stressful thing to do to oneself all day, everyday.

24. Stop trying to be perfect. Nothing ever is nor will it be. This only provides false expectations, which lead to one becoming overly stressed over certain situations.

25. Stop trying to always be in control. Learn to relax and do what you can. Being able to accept what one can and cannot control is not easy but also helpful when dealing with everyday stressors. This is also an example of one choosing their battles.

Written by: Tamara A. Monell, LMHC

Date: 11-06-07


by Tamara Monell

Does Magnet Therapy Really Work?


Magnet therapy has been around for centuries as a way to relieve muscle or joint pain through magnets, which are placed close to the skin. The magnets can be used in a variety of ways, either fashioned into jewelry, placed under a mattress or pillow, inside a shoe, belt or any article of clothing, or put inside a wrist or ankle strap. You can also have magnet therapy at a med spa, where a practitioner will submit your body to certain doses of magnetic energy in the hopes of achieving a beneficial effect.

“Explanations that magnetic fields ‘increase circulation,’ ‘reduce inflammation,’ or ‘speed recovery from injuries’ are simplistic and are not supported by the weight of experimental evidence.” – Michael Barret, MD

Proponents of magnet therapy say that it works by realigning our bodies’ magnetic fields, making us feel and perform better on many levels. By placing magnets over specific parts of the body blood is drawn to that area, they say, and there is a resultant soothing effect on nerves, tissues, muscles and cells.

However, the method, which is also known as biomagnetic or electromagnetic field therapy, is a highly controversial one because – surprise! – there have been no real studies that have reported any positive effects whatsoever, except for a possible placebo-like effect in some cases.

What Exactly Is It?

Magnet therapy dates back to the times of the ancient Egyptians, and has been used by alternative practitioners to treat a myriad of different ailments, ranging from chronic back pain to ulcers to sports injuries and arthritis. Today, some practitioners even use it to diagnose HIV and treat cancer, although it has been widely frowned upon for such purposes.

Interestingly, it is not known exactly how the magnets work – or don’t work – which makes it a lot easier for the people trying to flog them!

Some manufacturers and/or distributors of magnetic products claim they attract the iron in the blood to travel towards them, therefore increasing and improving circulation and making the supply of oxygen more beneficial in the body. Others say they reduce the body’s levels of negative energy, encouraging it do many things, including repair wounds and cuts.

A variety of products for specific conditions are available, including:

* Magnetic mattress pads. Advertised as helping everyone to get a good night’s sleep, including people with insomnia, fibromyalgia, lower back pain, poor circulation etc.

* Magnetic pillows. Claims to relieve pressure in head and neck to promote healthy sleep.

* Acupressure pads. Reportedly helps smokers quit when worn over the “heavenly gate” part of the ear (according to ancient Chinese medicine, that is).

* Magnetic period pain pads. Purport to alleviate menstrual pain by supposedly increasing the flow of blood in the uterine area., and stopping a build-up of lactic acid, which is responsible for menstrual cramps.

* Bracelets. Claims to alleviate or completely cure numerous chronic conditions ranging from chronic stress to back pain..

* Magnetic water wand: If you dip this special wand in water for ten minutes, it promises to ionise the water and make it especially healthy to drink. Claims to be beneficial in particular to people suffering from kidney or stomach problems, as well as skin ailments. Some people believe that drinking water that has been magnetized can revitalize all the organs in the body and actually reduce high blood pressure.

* Magnetic hairbrush. This is no joke: the brush magnetically massages your scalp as you use it, purportedly encouraging hair growth and making your hair sleek, shiny and in much better condition. Yeah, right.

* Elbow, knee and other supports. Supposedly relieves specific joint pain. You can also purchase special magnetized wraps to wrap around the affected areas, or where there has been a sports or other injury.

* Animal products. Specifically designed to better the health of dogs and horses, such as a magnetized pet collar which promises to keep your pet in “excellent health and vitality” when worn. And if s/he dies with the collar on? Sue the bastards!

Super or Simply a Scam?

It is estimated that the magnet therapy market in the United States is worth a whopping great $300 million annually – some estimates put that more than twice as high. But is it a highly respectable health breakthrough, or simply a hoax?

“Explanations that magnetic fields ‘increase circulation,’ ‘reduce inflammation,’ or ‘speed recovery from injuries’ are simplistic and are not supported by the weight of experimental evidence,” wrote Michael Barret, MD, in an article titled Magnet Therapy, a Skeptical View.

“There is no scientific basis to conclude that small, static magnets can relieve pain or influence the course of any disease. In fact, many of today’s products produce no significant magnetic field at or beneath the skin’s surface.”

The article goes on to point out several successful lawsuits individuals have taken against companies making claims that their magnets can do everything from reduce leg fatigue to increase blood circulation and are even effective against certain cancers, diabetic conditions and ulcers.

Magnet therapy should never be used in place of conventional medicine. As a form of alternative medicine, it is non-invasive and can certainly provide a placebo-type effect to people who truly believe in it. But there is no steadfast evidence to back up the claims; instead there is a booming market full of different magnetic products that draw in desperate people to pull money out of their wallets and order them.

There is nothing wrong with trying out a magnet or two as long as a) you can afford to do so and b) you are not forsaking clinically proven healing techniques, such as conventional medicine, in favor of using magnets (please note that people with cardiac pacemakers or who are having radiology or an MRI should avoid using magnets). If magnets attract you, keep in mind that you might reap more benefits by spending the money to have a body massage, a spa day, or even a nice meal in a classy restaurant!


by S Matthews