Why Drink Water Before & After a Massage?

Why Drink Water Before & After a Massage

Adult massage can live several weeks without food. However, we can survive no more than about 10 days without water. Our body can only lose about 10% of its water and still live. In general, our body gets dehydrated very quickly. We lose about 2.5 liters of water every day. Hence, we must replace with fluids and foods we consume.

Our body must benefits from proper hydration. Therefore, is good to keep drinking water, without waiting to be thirsty. If you are thirsty, it means your cells are already dehydrated. One clear sign of severe dehydration is where your urine is dark.

Adult Massage

adult massage

Adult Massage and Benefits

Drink water before and after a massage. Is highly recommended, as it makes it your muscles a lot easier to manipulate. During a good adult massage, your muscles will be stimulated. Blood is circulated rapidly throughout the whole body. This is the time where water, salt and other minerals are released.

So, drink a glass of water. This will definitely help your body dispose of any accumulated materials in the muscles. If unwanted waste build up after adult massage can mean muscle aches and soreness.

Also, many people do not realize that adult tantric massage can be dehydrating. The manipulation of the muscles dehydrates the body and moves the fluid around in the interstitial spaces between the muscles. It is similar to exercising; you lose water and electrolytes when you exercise. By drinking lots of water, you can reduce the chances of pain and soreness in the days following a massage.

Last but not least, for some people, they may feel a little disoriented after adult massage. Having a glass of water can help bring the body and mind back to the present. Drinking water after a adult massage gives you time to return to reality. Also, strenght to begin the next moments of your life.

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