How To Make Your Breasts Grow Bigger and Faster Naturally


You could be looking for pieces of reliable information how to make your breasts grow bigger and faster naturally. There is nothing wrong with that, neither is it something to be surprised about. Lots of women nowadays are preferring natural methods to synthetics and invasive techniques. Breast augmentation used to be the only means you could have bigger breasts, and even though it is still widely popular among actresses, models, and those who can afford the procedure, it does not come without certain risks. Given the economic situation, too, looking for ways how to make your breasts grow bigger and faster naturally is not at all strange.

By and large, you must have heard of breast massages, specifically those that enhance the breasts. A breast massage, besides being a good way to detect breast lumps or other abnormalities, is also very useful when you want to have naturally bigger breasts. To do an effective breast massage, push from the nipple down using three of your fingers. Use light to moderate pressure only as you would not want to impede the flow of blood going to the breast area. Proceed with the next step, that is, to lightly massage your breasts. Form a cup with your two hands and hold one of your breasts in it. Then light massage it as if your are kneading a pizza dough.

Do the same thing with the other breast. Make sure not to apply too much pressure. This step should not hurt; if it does, stop immediately. Completing this step makes you ready for the next one, and this involves cupping your breast again and then twisting it clockwise and then counter-clockwise for ten times for each breast. Now move your palms downwards, your fingers rubbing the sides of your breast. Keep away from the nipple as much as possible, though. Go over these steps again and again, until you already know each step by heart. Don’t attempt to do a breast massage if you cannot follow these steps to the letter as this could backfire. So instead of having bigger breasts, you might end up with deformed ones.

Doing breast exercises will also help to give your breasts a lift. There are lots of breast exercises around, and it is always wise to start with those which you think are easy enough for you to do. This should keep you motivated to continue on with the program. You have to remember always that breast exercises have to be done at least three times a week, if you cannot do them every day. This means that once you have gotten into an exercise program, make sure that you go through with it long enough for you to see results. You cannot engage in breast exercises this week and then forget about them the following week – this is simply not going to work.

Actually, it also goes the same thing with breast massages. They, too, have to be done regularly, otherwise you will not be seeing your desired results in due time. So when you think of all these, if you want to know how to make your breasts grow bigger and faster naturally, the very first thing you must work on is your attitude, then doing all these techniques will not be so difficult for you.

by Xiella Andrews