Japanese Nuru Massage

When it comes to sexual pleasure and attaining a high degree of both physical and spiritual relaxation, we all know that the erotic massage is one of the best solutions around. However, what you must know that, when it comes to an nuru massage of highest quality, as we spoke in our articles, the nuru massage is of different types and comes in different forms, each having it’s own characteristics and advantages. One of these types of nuru massages is the Japanese massage treatment.

There are two different types of Japanese adult massage, called nura and nory. The Japanese nuru massage known as nory, is based on the principles of the Japanese massage nory. Nory therapy, the most important massaging technique when it comes to the Japanese massage, is one of the most used and revered types of massage used in the Japanese medicine, alongside other therapies, in order to help the costumer when it comes to attaining a more general state of healing.

japanese nuru massage

japanese nuru massage

The purpose of the Japanese nuru massage is to bring the balance when it comes to the general existence of the human being. The therapists use vibrating, pressing and rotating moves, in order to stimulate the movement of the chi energy all around the human body, for the stimulation and revitalization of all the energetic systems in the body. The Japanese massage is very important to ensure a continuous flow of energy from all the energetic centers in the body.

Nuru treatments involve emphasizing on acupressure in all the body’s meridians and in all the energetic centers. It is believed that by the stimulation of these areas, a large variety of affections can be healed. Nuru is essential for the Japanese medicine and it’s erotic counterpart plays a similar role.